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I’ve been asked to make a Cher-themed cake. Trouble enough…but then..they requested Cher in her Half-breed regalia. ???? How do I make a feather headdress? I am making Cher out of modelling chocolate from the waist up and I would like to have the head dress cascade down the side of the two-tiered cake. I just need help in how to create the feathers. I can’t find molds small enough and I don’t know how to make the furry part of the head band. Any and ALL suggestions are very welcomed!!!


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Jenniffer White ...

Wow, that’s tough! Her feathers are very fuzzy, almost like a feather boa. My initial thoughts are maybe cotton candy (can you get white cotton candy?). I am not sure of your scale, but it sounds like you need small feathers. I would find an appropriately sized leaf cutter and use that for the feathers – it should work really well with modeling chocolate. You can either use a feather veiner or just scribe some feather lines.

Oh and one other thing just came to mind – recently a friend of mine did a peacock cake and printed the peacok feathers on a sheet of wafer paper. When she cut them, she used a wet knife and dissolved the wafer paper just the slightest bit – they looked super real and “feathery”. Hope some of this helps!