How do you charge your 3D cakes ??

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After a many hours trying to find some reference I give up looking how to charge in a 3D cake

Some charge by hours…
others by slice

let me know what do you do

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Fabiana Rivarola


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Smckinney07 ...

Halfway down the page there is a link to a YouTube video, you’ll see the picture with structure. I haven’t watched the video. I just googled 3D motorcycle cake tutorial/instructions

I’m eager to see how it turns out, good luck!

Sweet Heaven Cake Design ...

Thanks for your help…

Louise ...

there is a lady on facebook who does tutorial for some amazing cakes she did a 3d motorbike cake rather large too, her page is called tasty cakes have a look x

Sweet Heaven Cake Design ...

Thanks … I already saw it… thanks