Keeping buttercream roses on the cake?

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can anyone help? I recently made a cake and piped buttercream roses all over, which looked beautiful. However, in the warmth of the room they started slipping down. When they were cold they stayed put. I have since had an order for one of these cakes and wondered how else people manage to keep these roses on the cake without them slipping off!

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SnMdesserts ...

make your flowers a day or two ahead of time with a stiff buttercream recipe and let them harden or "crust " then trasfer them to the I would keep the cake in the fridge for as long as possible

cakedecorating ...

I prefer royal icing because once it dries it does not change, ever. I’ve gone as far as making them on toothpicks so they stay exactly where I want them.

If I had to use buttercream I’d make sure that they were made a day or 2 before and placed them in the fridge. Once they are firm, transfer them to the cake that needs to stay cold for as long as possible.


Brabbersbabe ...

Thanks for those ideas, unfortunately I cannot, for the life of me, make roses like that! I ice them directly onto the cake using the Jem 2D nozzle.