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So here is a my attempt at the first cake i’ve ever made…I learned a LOT about what not to do and what to try out next time. Just wanted to get some input from fellow decorators on how good/bad this looks before presenting it for the boyfriend’s birthday party this weekend. I am well aware the cab came out a little funky looking, but I used a Martha Stewart double chocolate pound cake receipe (with a home made buttercream frosting) and it wasn’t as easy to shape as I had hoped it would be……Constructive criticism welcome :)

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Not too bad for a first attempt, am sure the next one will be much better. Try using fondant to cover instead of buttercream, will give you a better finishing. Likewise, the tyres are meant to align with the frame of the truck and not bulge out. Next time use a circle cutter (of an appropriate size, relative to that of the truck), to cut out a circle of cake. This creates the tyre space. Also use templates to do your shaping/ cake carving. Remember practice makes perfect!