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How can I make white SMBC? I have a request for SMBC on a wedding cake in April. I have ‘tested’ several SMBC recipes; but none of them are white enough. I don’t have a problem with the color because of the amazing taste of it; but my bride wants her cake to be white rather than ivory or cream. I’ve researched and have decided that it’s the amount of color added to the butter in production that gives the icing the hue. Can’t find a ‘non-colored’ butter here locally. I’m thinking that my only option is to add Wilton’s White White Icing Color; but not tried it out yet. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Jenniffer White ...

I use a similar all-butter icing recipe and I find that whipping in the tiniest drop of violet color will help negate some of the yellow cast to the icing. If the client wants the icing whiter, I have to use whitner, like Americolor’s bright white to make it super white. In this case, I use regular buttercream for the whole cake and crumb coat, and just use the super whitened version for the outside coat of the cake. It really doesn’t affect the flavor that much. Hope that helps!

MsGF ...

I watched the free Modern Buttercream Class by Joshua John Russell on Craftsy and he talks about that. He said to use part shortening to make it white. Even all shortening for pure white.

You should watch the class, it’s free and he gives out his recipe.

Chris Jones ...

Thanks so much cupadee & MsGF for the tips!! I’m going to make another test batch this w/e with Walmart brand butter and/or try adding either Wilton White White or a tiny bit of violet. I feel the need to test it because whatever I do to make it whiter, I don’t want to change the taste nor the texture (it’s super easy to work with – smoothing).

MsGF – wouldn’t using all shortening just make it American BC or are you saying just to replace the butter with the same amount of shortening? Won’t shortening effect the taste?

MsGF ...

No it doesn’t make it AB. You still use the white sugar and egg whites. The except use some butter and some shortening. The video explains it best. There is no icing sugar. Wouldn’t hurt to hear Joshua speak about it himself.