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I need some help with coloring calla lillies I am making for a friend’s wedding cake which is in a couple of weeks.

My friend wants the calla lillies in the deep dark purple/black and I have tried coloring the gumpaste with different combinations of red and purple but nothing has worked so far and I’m getting a bit desperate as I would like the flowers done in the next week.

Does anyone have any suggestions they could help me with….pretty please? :)

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What color is it coming out? Also, are you using pre-made? If so, you might consider making it from scratch. You can color before adding all the sugar, allowing you keep the consistency right. Final adjustments of color can be made afterward. I’ve made very intense colors this way with good success. Also, adding black to the gumpaste will give you a purple-ish tone that may start your color off well.

Look for Nicholas Lodge’s recipe, it’s easy and works great.

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Thank you so much for your advice!! I didn’t think about using black to start off with.

I used a modified version of the Nicholas Lodge recipe but might try the original recipe to see how it works in the NZ weather.