Gumpaste vs. Fondant + Tylose Powder

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Will I be able to get a good result in making figurine using fondant with tylose powder to make gumpaste?

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Samantha ...

I have always had good results using this method usually 1tsp to 200g fondant. :)

BellaCakes & Confections ...

I have used this method but I have to allow sections to dry before i can build on top of it so that it doesnt loss the shape i am going for. I have the best results using a 50/50 fondant gumpaste mix and add tylose to that. I can make a figure in one go and i dont have to allow for drying time.

Xclusive ...

I totally agree with Bella, it all depends on what you want to make. Fondant & tylose mix will give you a modeling paste thats just okay but sags under pressure. While fondant + gumpaste + tylose will give you a much firmer paste that holds its shape well (doesnt sag) and is more resistant to humidity.

Chris Jones ...

Make sure you work fast or keep your paste covered to prevent drying out while you work or you will end up with ‘wrinkles’. I still haven’t mastered that yet:)

Louievl ...

Thanks very much for all your suggestions. I think the fondant+gumpaste+tylose mixture is a good idea. I’ll try that on my next project. :-)