Urgent: searching for the perfect macaron recipe

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I tried a lot of recepies but nothing works.
I see amazing macarons in the gallery.
Could someone give me the perfect macaron recipe?

Thank you

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Emine Pazan ...

Nobody want to help me?

Xclusive ...

Oh dear, I don’ t think anybody on the cake decor, really wants to leave you helpless; it might be they don’t have any amazing / perfect macaron recipe. I don’t make macarons but saw a tutorial – great french macarons on www.myfoodgeek.com. Hope you will find it useful. Remember great inventors never quit.

Emine Pazan ...

aw thank you soooo much. you are so kind.

Xclusive ...

Hi Emine, stumbled on this information while doing some internet search – www.bakerella.com/macarons/. Its got picture details as well – looks highly informative. You can give it a try. Regards

Emine Pazan ...

ow thanks xclusive… I will give it a try.

I see a lot of cake decorators here who are posting wonderful macarons. That’s why I asked them for their secret recipes LOL…

I just hear that a really talented macaron lady from Belgium has released her book about macarons. I need to wait a few weeks before it’s available here in The Netherlands. But she’s making amazing shapes with macarons. You need to see her work HERE

Will try my best to make them as good as hers…

Thanks again xclusive…

Prettytemptations ...

This might be a bit late but I used the base recipe from this lady in Australia and I have never had a batch fail.


Hope this helps.

Emine Pazan ...

Thank you I will try it

Reemy ...

Hi, I prefer the italian meringue method.

Have never failed with this recipe from Lady macaron. Let me know how you go.

Emine Pazan ...

Thanks Reemy