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When transporting a wedding cake for anything over 3 tiers how do you do it? Do you add your ribbons and decorations etc when there and also do you take royal icing etc for stacking? I’m nervous about a 4 tier cake I need to transport thanks


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Jenniffer White ...

I transport all my cakes stacked, unless they are more than 5 tiers (or they won’t fit in my car). In the beginning I tried putting them together on site, but there was just too many things to go wrong. I use drinking or bubble tea straws for tier to tier support, and a center dowel rod that runs the length of the cake. If I use a MDF or wooden cake board I will always glue a card board drum on top of it to give the dowel something to bite into.

Jacinda Oralee ...

Cake boxes are a good idea for transporting cakes to bring to parties or give to friends. Make sure that the box you use is appropriate for the occasion as well as durable enough for the size and weight of your dessert.