Best way to transport giant cupcake

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Hi everybody,

Just wondering if anyone has any tips for transporting a giant cupcake. I’m making a giant cupcake smash cake next weekend for a client who will need to travel 30 minutes or so after picking it up. The base will not be iced, but the top will be covered in buttercream rosettes, and I’m concerned that it will be too top heavy and topple over in the cake box. Any tips on safe travel with a top heavy cake?

Thanks all!


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Daniela ...

I usually just put it in the boot and put a few bits & pieces around it to keep it still & keep the car cool x

Hello, Sugar! ...

Thanks for the tip! I’m a little worried it will fall over in the cake box as it will be rather top heavy… Maybe I should pack some scrunched up paper towel around the base of the cake?