Hope I am not trying to run before I can walk!!!! :o/

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Hello :o)

My name is Steph and I am totally new to the world of cake business. I started playing about with cupcakes last year after seeing and being inspired by the beauty of the cakes made by “Carina’s Cupcakes”. After having some really positive feedback from friends and colleagues (my day job colleagues) I am seriously considering going further and starting a part time cupcake business – mainly in a quest to satisfy my urge to make cupcakes and cover the costs of the things I keep buying (I have developed a serious equipment buying addiction :o ))…. It will also hopefully mean my beloved will stop thinking I am trying to bankrupt both of us!!!

I am currently in the process of getting my kitchen registered with the local council and registering with HRMC. I am also working on my Level 2 food hygiene certificate and will arrange some public liability insurance for when I am ready to go. From there I would like to set up a face book page in my chosen name (Calliope Dreams Cupcakes), however I am really nervous is this is norma?? :o)

I know you are all incredibly busy, however is anybody is able I would really appreciate it if you are able to give me some general advice about taking the plunge into the world of cake making as a part time business (need to keep the day job unfortunately!!) and the pot holes and pit falls that I need to look out for/consider.

If anybody is able to help or advise I would be really grateful. :o) xx

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Eric Johnson ...

Sounds like you are taking some of the most important steps already. Best advice is keep practicing and don’t be afraid to try something new, and make sure you charge what your worth. Don’t sell yourself short was the hardest part for me getting started.

nonniecakes ...

Go for it. You will not know if you can do it if you don’t try!!!Good luck

Steph Walters ...

Thank you Persona Bakery and Nonnie Cakes. I’m excited but also a little scared, which I hope is normal. :o). X

Daniela ...

Hi, Go for it!! You can contact your local council for your kitchen to be inspected, and then you’ll be ready to start selling. There are some lovely helpful cakey pages on facebook, and lots of pages where you can ask questions and other bakers can help, such as cake baker & lets chat cake. The great cake ware house are a great supplier, are you in UK?

Kirstie's cakes ...

Hi steph I’m in the same boat as you my view is give it a go nothing to loose. I got my insurance through direct line very reasonable have a look.
I’m still waiting for my inspection nothing seems to happen fast but just means I get more thorough planning.
Good luck :-)

Steph Walters ...

Hi Danmadewithlove and Kirstie’s Cakes. Thank you for commenting. I am in the UK, I will have a look at the great cake warehouse…. I have abit of a spending habit lol!!! Will definately look at Direct Line too. Thanks Kirsty I hadn’t thought about them! x

Daniela ...

Don’t forgot to post up your link so we can come say Hi xx

Liz, Ladybird Cake Company ...

Hi Steph, sounds like you have most things underway already but a very important step – work out your costs and calculate what you need to charge to make a profit! It’s so important and yet so many people skip that bit and pull a figure out of the air! And don’t forget to include ALL your costs – like cake cases, boxes, ribbon and bigger things like insurance, equipment, website costs, marketing (leaflets, business cards) etc. Best of luck!

Steph Walters ...

Thanks Liz, I have been thinking about all the costs lately….. There is a huge amount to think about isnt there!! One area that I am totally stumped on though is the electricity charges. Are you able to give me an indication of how to work the electricity costs for tax purposes? I am a little confused as to how to work them into the costs! :o) Thank you. x