Millionaire Shortbread

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I made millionaire shortbread… and the shortbread and chocolate were perfect… but the caramel wasnt caramelly if thats a word? lol

The recipe I followed used…

2x cans of condensed milk
100g soft brown sugar
100g butter

This is the link lol

its just light in colour, very runny and it tastes lovely.. but not like caramel lol!

HELP :) please lol

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Kirsty, Scotland


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Nicholas Ang ...

What exactly do you mean by not caramelly? Are you referring to the taste, the look, the consistency, or something else?

Kirsty ...

Hi thank you for replying x

It was lighter in colour, more smooth and softer and tasted a bit like condensed milk as opposed to caramel x

Nicholas Ang ...

Any type of sugar that is cooked to a brownish color can be called caramel. The taste of caramel will naturally take on the taste of the type of sugar you use. You can make caramel with white sugar, brown sugar, honey, glucose, corn syrup, condensed milk… you can even make caramel with soft drinks like coke or root beer… as long as there is a high sugar content, it can be caramelized. The color of caramel depends on how long you cook it. if you want a darker color, just cook it longer. if you want the caramel to set harder and thicker, cook it at a slightly lower temperature for longer, so that more water evaporates.

The most common type of caramel you’re probably thinking about is just made with normal sugar, that has some cream added to it at the end, but there’s a whole world of different possibilities out there to try :)

Kirsty ...

Hi there!! thank you so so much!
That helped loads!!! thank you :D xx

SweetlyBaked ...

I once made millionaire shortbread using using Mary Berry’s recipe.

I was pretty happy with the result, It tasted nice and was set nicely. Have a look here.

Kirsty ...

Thank you soo much I will try that one also!! :D

Kirsty ...


Kirsty ...


Kirsty ...

Comment thing not working lol! x How did you get your chocolate cut so straight? lol

Helen Ward ...

Hope I’m not too late to help!! I make at least two trays of this nightmare stuff a week and you always have to cook the caramel longer than it says on the recipe, or so I’ve found out! I sometimes stand there for an hour stirring it! Don’t be tempted to turn the heat up too high too quickly or it will split, just keep going on a gentle heat until it get’s really thick, heavy and darker in colour. I use golden syrup instead of brown sugar for a smoother caramel. Score your chocolate before it has fully set then cut right through again when it is set. Hope that helps x