Need a wow factor, simple idea for cupcake decoration

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Hello cupcake decorators

We need to send some cupcakes to magazine editors to launch our new postable cupcake box, and need a simple decoration idea with a bit of a wow factor … bearing in mind we are not professional highly skilled bakers like all of you. Can be a Christmas design, anything.

Any ideas PLEEEEEASE … thank you

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Sugar Daddy ...

Cupcake decoration is not a big deal. You can put some icing on the top, say vanilla. It will give icy look to the cake and then you make a santa fondant using a mould and put on it. Put some edible glitters on it to make it more attractive and there you go. You can now place your cupcakes on stylish cupcake stands.

All the best!!

Magic Lady Cakes ...

I made this one and it just used a couple of cutters really easy. The presents were just made out of fondant with fondant bows. Must admit I used a mould for the bows.

Helen ...

Hadn’t really thought about using a mould to set simple decoration off. So will give it a try.

Any other ideas ladies would be great