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Hi everyone,

I am panning on making a cake with a golf themed top. In addition to the putting green, bunkers etc I am thinking of doing a lake & using coloured piping gel for the water. I’ve made the gel tonight but it doesn’t seem really thick.i would say the texture is like thickish syrup.

I’ve never used it before & am worried that if I put it on the cake 1) it might run and 2) it might turn the fondant underneath etc soft.

Has anybody made/used it before? I’d appreciate any advice.

Thank you. X

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Jan ...

Wilton piping gel is pretty thick and & gloupy so if in doubt you could abandon the homemade and try that. Sorry, I have no advice to help you resolve your home-made…

Roberta ...

Thanks Jan.

I need for Friday & there’s nowhere near that sells Wilton piping Gel. I’ve put it in the fridge & it does seem thicker now. I’ll just have to wait & see & if it doesn’t work this time will have to revert to plan B, :)
If it does work then it’s so easy to make & would probably work out a lot cheaper than the ready made stuff.