gluing swarovsky on gumpaste??

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Hello every body i need to make a christening cake
and it has a cross all covered with cristals
i’been readding and most say tylose glue :)
or RI instead my question is
the cross must be dry or it’s ok when still fresh
thanks very much !!! <3
tupsy Cakes

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Trudi ...

If you are using royal dry the cross first otherwise it will never dry properly.

If using tylose glue I would do it when the paste is soft, then you can also push the diamante into the soft paste a little when gluing it .

tupsy cakes ...

ohh tory tanks very much for your help the cross is a little dry i think ill be using tylose besides will shipp all the cake
from san diego ca. to santa ana ca. and this will gimme little more time to dry right ?? thanks sweety have a wonderfull day!!!!
grettings from mexico :)