Who uses Square to accept credit?

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I’ve only just heard of squareup.com/card-reader . Can anyone tell me anything about this. I mean, how safe is it. How reliable is it, how easy is it to use and has anyone got anything bad to tell about it.. Would love to hear from anyone..

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Cakery Creation Liz Huber ...

I use the square and I LOVE it! I havent had any problems with it at all.

Nikki Belleperche ...

My friend and I used to have our own mobile spa business and she had square on her phone to accept payments. I personally prefer paypal, They also have a card reader now so that clients can swipe their card straight to your phone. I have not gotten mine yet personally because of my hunk of junk phone not upgrading but I hope to get it soon!

fishabel ...

Thanks for the info. I had no idea paypal did swipe. I must look in to it. I’ve never heard of square being used in Australia. I think I have some homework..