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I have just ought some small silicone moulds from ebay, they arrived this morning, but they really smell awful, I checked the listing & it does say they are suitable for sugarpaste, I have emailed the seller but was wondering if anyone knows why they smell, if i can get rid of it & should I actually use them for icing?
The seller has good feedback, I cant see any complaints about the smell!!

many thanks

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Becky Pendergraft ...

Hi there! I’ve bought a few silicone molds – none from ebay – mine have come from various cake product companies, though I don’t think that should make a difference :) Mine do have a strong “rubber” smell to them – even after washing. Not too bad, though. The pieces I’ve made using them haven’t had the odor transferred to them, thankfully so I think as long as you wash your molds thoroughly you should be fine!

Naturepixie ...

I agree with ButRCream. Just be sure and wash them really good.