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Hi! Please bear with my questions:) My cake boards( I mean the big base of the cake) are made out of Styrofoam that has texture on it, I mean they’re not smooth, they look like the ones that you get in the box of a new TV, or any electrical machine( hope you understand what i mean), my question is: If I’ll apply my rolled fondant on it, you’ll see some texture underneath, do you think I should cover it 1st with foil commercial paper? In my country i don’t know where to find the fancy foil, thank you for your answers.

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Nadine A.


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3DSweets ...

I’d maybe try to use royal icing to smooth the surface, but only where it’ll be visible. (That could be a lot of royal icing!) It will dry hard and smooth.

Nikki Belleperche ...

I think the royal icing is a good suggestion! Perhaps you can look into getting cake boards to use instead? That way you are starting with an already smooth surface. Many sites sell them online if you are not able to get them locally. You can also buy cake drums which are already covered with foil.

fishabel ...

Do you have a hardware shop you can go to? Maybe you could get some chipboard or masonite. You may be able to find something else smoother. They might even be able to cut it for you . What about an chopping board. I’d try and find a smoother surface to use rather than fixing a rought one. Just a thought..Good Luck..

Sugar&Spice by NA ...

There are some foam boards, but not too thick, i’ll have to glue them together, every 3. Or i’ll try to cover them with foil 1st and than apply fondant, thank you all for your replies!