Wish I could quit my job & do this fulltime...

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Ahhh I wish I was able to do this fulltime & just quit my fulltime job but it’s so hard how do people do it I wonder sometimes.. How to start up an online baking service.. How.. How.. How.. Wish I had more time to be creative & work on my flavorings.. I am in such a great mood when Im baking Im in cake mode in the zone & just relaxed its my therapy lol Booooooooooooo ok done venting “sigh”


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caymancake ...

I completely feel you! Wish I could do this full time but it’s not enough to pay the bills…sigh! One day, one day!

Priscilla ...

I guess we can just wish for it huh hahah One day one day!!!

Jenniffer White ...

There’s a lot of people just like me here on CakesDecor that turned their hobby into a legitimate “pay-the-bills” business, so it is certainly doable. Notice I didn’t say easy. And I suppose based individual circumstances, it may not truly be an option for EVERY one.

I highly recommend “The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook”, which is a guidebook on turning your dreams into a reality. I would also suggesting asking yourself why caking won’t pay the bills. Write down the reasons it won’t and then think of 10 ways to overcome each of reasons.

Best of Luck!