Avant Garde Cakes Next Generation "Inspired by Kìnetic art & High tech Haute Couture

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Avant Garde Cakes Next Generation "Inspired by Kìnetic art & High tech Haute Couture by international group Bakerswood

Hello dear sweet community, I invite you to see the beautiful works of a new one organized by the bakerswood community,in which I had the great privilege of being an organizer.

It was an arduous work of several months in which artists were required both in design and quality of presentation of their work

This is part of the mission that our group was imposed many years ago, to strengthen ties of friendship between countries and enhance the talent of new artists, but above all enjoy doing what we love and get us out of the routine of daily work.

Many times in the daily routine we lose creativity and love for what we do, there is no doubt that this is the era in which art in sugar will be remembered in the future as the era of sweet art.

I invite you to rejoin your art delighting in the results of this lab-like process that we managed to do with 47 artists from different parts of the world.

I invite you to break paradigms to give more always not 100% 200% because doing what we love does not make us better human beings and better professionals in this art.

Lastly, I thank all the artists who were motivated to follow this path under my guidance during all these months.

On behalf of the Bakerswood team I appreciate the great showcase that Cakes Decor brings to the international sweet world every year.

You can search for jobs in the public group under this name


some of the cakes
Thanks Cakes Decor

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25 Replies

Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte ...

Was a pleasure and honor to be part of this fantastic project ❤️

carolina Wachter ...

A privilege to have you as an artist my dear catalina

MisdulcesSisi ...

❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹Fantastic work ❣❣❣

Sandra Draskovic ...

It was such a pleasure to be part of this awesome challenge

sugar voyager ...

BRAVO✨ It was a great honor to be a part of this spectacular challenge, thank you so much Dear CAROLINA💖

Chanda Rozario ...

It was lovely to be part of this challenge.. thank you Carolina ❤️🤗

AppoBli Belinda Lucidi ...

Amazing works by amazing artists 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you Carolina for your wonderful work

Michela CAKE ART ...

E stato un onore e un piacere prendere parte a questa collaborazione grazie di cuore

ARISTOCRATICAKES - cake design by Dora Luca ...

A real pleasure and honor to be part of this marvellous challenge ❤❤❤

Clara ...

Astonishing works of art there, my dear! BRAVO anyone!!! 😍😘

Cakes by Margeaux ...

A real privilege to have been part of this collaboration. I have discovered so many amazing artists and people. Thank you again for all your hard work. 😍 organising a collaboration is a lot harder than making a cake.

carolina Wachter ...

Thanks to all for your hard work all this months

Judith-JEtaarten ...

It was a privilage to be part of this inspiring group of artist.
Tnx so much for all your fantastic work 🤗

Sugar Art by Linda ...

So honoured to be part of this amazing challenge amongst such talented artists xx

Raquel García ...

Increíble colaboración!!! Ha sido todo un gusto y un placer formar parte de ella!!! Todas las piezas han sido increíbles y espectaculares!!! Mil gracias por todo tu tiempo y esfuerzo bonita!!!