Help!! My tip keeps sliding off pastry bag

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I have Wilton rose tip and Wilton pastry bags. I size the hole in the pastry bag so that is is SUPER tight against the tip, yet when I press the icing out of the tip, the tip will go right with it, opening my pastry whole a lot larger.

Please help! Thanks a bunch!!


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The Garden Baker ...

There are plastic “things” (sorry – memory block) that screw on and hold the tips in place. I’m sure someone will share what they are called :)

The Garden Baker ...

Back again. Remembered :) They’re called “couplers”. Usually white and plastic and each set has 2 parts. Are you using those? If not, they would probably solve the problem.

MBalaska ...

I rarely use or need couplers with disposable bags, but always need couplers for washable reusable bags.

Sandra Smiley ...

That is too weird. I’ve been using Wilton reusable bags forever (long before I started real cake decorating) and have never had a problem with the tips pushing out. I do use couplers most of the time, except for the really large tips, for which I have no appropriate couplers. You can buy them at Walmart in the Wilton isle.

MBalaska ...

the big coupler on the far left in my photo is for the large tips. Yet there are some tips that don’t fit either the large or normal size couplers. For those I just use the disposable bags without couplers.

ChrissiesCreations ...

My immediate thought is perhaps the icing is too thick, causing the need for more pressure to push it out through the tip, and pushing the tip out as well…I believe couplers are a great help for sure, but you might also need to adjust the consistency of the icing also. Blessings to you.