KopyKake: Who uses them and what do you use them for?

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I am looking into purchasing a KopyKake projector. I am a beginner at cake decorating and I am trying to find easier ways to make accents with fondant. As it is now I cut our a pattern, place it on the fondant and cut out the pattern with very shape blade. Problem is sometimes my patterns stick to the fondant or they just get int the way. I was hoping that using a projector this will help me make cleaner cuts and be able to be more creative with my patterns. I was hoping that if you use a KopyKake you could share your wisdom with a newbie who is a perfectionist and is driving herself crazy with things do not turn out as clean as I hoped for! I would love photos or hints that woud help. Thanks!!

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Elisa Colon ...

A copycake projector does not seem like the tool you are needing. Most of my cut outs are made with FMM/PME brand cutters or cookie cutters. Very seldomly do I make a fondant decoration that requires actual cutting with a scapel. I am not a fan of Wilton tools, but they have definitely stepped it up in the quality of their products. If you would like, scroll through my FB page. If you have any questions as to how I made a design, I would be more than happy to reply.