Sugar paste - which one is the best?

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Hi there

Im new to the group and been cake decorating for a few years now. I have been trying various sugar pastes but wondering what others are using

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Katy Mosedale


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Rachel19 ...

It really just depends on what you are using it for. I have tried multiple types of premade gum paste for flower making and none of them worked very well for me. I make fresh gum paste using the Nicolas Lodge recipe for flowers and that is my favorite. It stays flexible enough to work with for hours between 2 sheets of plastic. For sculpture work, I make my own modeling chocolate because that blends the best for me. And for generic fondant work I use premade Wilton fondant. That brand is my favorite because it is resistant to elephant skin and doesn’t dry out fast.

Sandra Smiley ...

Every one of my replies are the same as Rachel19’s – gum paste of choice, Nicholas Lodge’s recipe, homemade modeling chocolate, and homemade marshmallow fondant using Liz Marek’s LMF recipe, except for red and black. I use Wilton for red and black.
(I use one additional egg white)
(I use about 1/4 cup less corn syrup because I like a stiff modeling chocolate)

Rachel19 ...

Yes, Sandra Smiley that is a good note about the gum paste. I cut out some of the powdered sugar because I find it’s a smidge stiff for my liking. So you can do that or add another egg white.