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I am basically looking for a cream cheese frosting that is pipeable but that is not super sweet. The problem is, all the recipes I have found for cream cheese frosting that are stiff enough to be piped, are very sweet (I.e. I have seen pipeable cream cheese frosting recipes that call for 4-6 CUPS of sugar!)

I found this recipe (the link is listed below):

I am wondering if I could add some yogurt to it, and still have it be stiff enough to pipe? I know that some varieties of yogurt can be thin/‘runny’ but the variety I would use (the name of the brand is called Siggi’s) is very thick. So would I still be able to add yogurt or if I did this, would it be too thin to pipe?

I also would not be adding a huge amount of yogurt, 1/4 cup for a single batch.


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The Garden Baker ...

In order to be sure of what works for you in your area with your humidity / heat, etc. no matter what people advise, you should really do a small test batch for yourself.

Cmoe ...

Add a pinch of salt to that recipe. That will mellow the sweet taste. If a pinch isn’t enough, add another pinch until you’ve reached your desired taste. If I had to guess, you shouldn’t need more than 1/8t for that particular recipe.

Cmoe ...

It won’t be necessary to add yogurt to the recipe, just the salt.

Bcaked ...

A pinch of salt is great and perhaps you try another proportion of the ingredients, that means butter : sugar : cream cheese in the relation to 1:1:1 . I also think that most of the recipes are too sweet.