Glow in the dark cake?

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Someone asked me if I could make a glow in the dark cake, like this one… how are they getting the fondant to glow under the blacklight?

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Sugar Sweet Cakes by Lisa & Brittany


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The Garden Baker ...

I think Craftsy has a blog article on “glowing” in the dark edibles. Try checking it out.

Carla ...


Sugar Sweet Cakes ...

I found some dye for sale for $13 a bottle on a site called Kiwi Cakes… its kinda like the disco dust, it’s non-toxic, but you shouldn’t eat it. Thanks for your help! :)

The Garden Baker ...

If it’s non toxic and you shouldn’t eat it, is it wise to cover a cake with the stuff? I can possibly see using it for accessories on a cake that are easily removed … but to cover a whole cake with it????

Sassycakesbysue ...

I’ve used rolkem lumos colors. They are fantastic!! Come in powder and liquid. I used the powder and mixed it into my fondant. Worked great!

TrudyCakes ...

Try mixing tonic water into your fondant. It has quinine (?) which will glow under the black light. Good luck!