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Hello Everyone!

So, having read some of your previous wisdom on the topic of adding fake decorations to cakes, I have seen a little bit on other threads about food safety, and washing fake decorations. I’ve also seen a little bit about not allowing fake decorations to touch edible product, which I wholeheartedly agree with!

I found the cake pop “tree” shown below and I have blown up the picture and looked at everything and I feel like the fake berries and leaves are touching the cake pops…which admittedly gets you an amazing visual for photos…buuuut…in general I am not a fan of them touching.

Does anybody have any ideas how you could recreate this look without any sacrifices in food safety?! Any wisdom, wild ideas and thoughts welcome!




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Cakeicer (Shirley) ...

My thoughts only. I would make the Holly berries of gumpaste on wire, after taping together you could dip the wire into melted white chocolate and let it set before pushing them into the styrofoam cone. At the same time, if the wire isn’t really touching anything edible I wouldn’t worry about it. You could also make the berries and leaves of fondant or modeling chocolate without wires and attach them with a dab of melted white chocolate so it isn’t seen when the tree is completed. Time consuming holding each berry until the chocolate has set, unless you use a freeze spray. To make the berries shiny you could brush lightly with vegetable oil or a confectioners glaze made of equal parts of vodka and clear corn syrup. It dries shiny without being sticky.

Cakeicer (Shirley) ...

Another thought, you could use candied cranberries (Crasins) for the berries and attach with white chocolate, no wires needed.

Jayden348 ...

Thank you Shirley, for your advice! I especially like your suggestion for making the berries shiny! I had considered making the leaves and berries with fondant but I didn’t know that trick so I was trying to figure out how to make them look realistic. I really appreciate it!

Cakeicer (Shirley) ...

Let them dry completely before glazing them. On the vodka/clear corn syrup glaze. Just stir the two ingredients till smooth and brush on with an artists paint brush. Let dry for a few hours before handling. You could also spear the berries with pointed toothpicks and try and stick them in between the cake pops. Glad to help, let us know how it turns out, post pictures!

The Garden Baker ...

There is a new product that seals wires, flowers and anything else that you might think of sticking in to a cake. Sorry don’t remember the name of it, but basically you dip the wire, for example, into the product and then it’s safe for sticking directly into a cake without contaminating it.

Jayden348 ...

This product sounds amazing! I am definitely going to have to see if I can find it online! Thank you for your input! I really appreciate it!

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

The product The Garden Baker is talking about is Safety Seal (wax).
It’s rather expensive, albeit, convenient. I recently placed some wire covered flowers into a cake, and I used good ole fashioned parowax. Used for covering/sealing homemade jars of jams, salsa, etc. Cheap, found in most grocery stores. And parowax is food safe. I used a small tin can in a pot of simmering water to melt the wax. Dip in your covered wires twice, letting dry in between. Literally dries in seconds. No messy clean up using a tin can.
Hope this helps.

Jayden348 ...

Thank you for the link, June! You all have been so helpful with my dilemma and I am so grateful for all of the ideas and input!

I see what you mean about the product being pricey! But you are definitely right about the convenience!

I really like your suggestion about the wax, as it does seem like it would be less expensive and still get the job done well.

Now I’m going to need to go ahead and make this little cake pop tree for SURE and post pictures! Now that we have been brainstorming, I am even more inspired to try it!