cookies and cream cupcakes with frosting ?

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Can anyone here share the best cookies and cream cupcakes with frosting. Thank You aLL.


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Kendra ...

I would just use a basic vanilla cake base and add crushed Oreos. Same goes with the frosting… simple SMBC or AMBC, add some Oreos and let your mixer do the work. One of my most popular requested flavors is a chocolate cake with an Oreo buttercream filling.

CrystalMemories ...

You can take it one step further and add an Oreo or cookie to the base. Just put it in the bottom of the muffin cup and then pour in the batter. Huge hit! :)

Nikki Belleperche ...

When I make oreo cupcakes I use chocolate cake with an oreo baked in the middle and my normal vanilla buttercream with crushed oreos mixed in! Very yummy and simple!

Hot Mama's Cakes ...

When I make Oreo cupcakes I use a chocolate cake and use a package of Oreo pudding mixed with a cup of whipping cream and 1/2 cup milk and whip it to the right consistency. Then I frost with a cream cheese buttercream.

Wandee ...

Thanks everyone for sharing the info & tips. Cheers