How to get shine on sugar shoes

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I am just learning to make the sugar shoes – I’m doing ok for my first couple shoes but need to know how to finish them so they have a satin finish – or slight shine. My shoes a little dull looking – can anyone help? I don’t want to change the color of the shoes – just give them a little shine

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Penny Sue ...

I always dust shoes with pearl lustre dust, then steam them.
The pic I’ve addled as an example,
Hope that’s helpful. 😊

Cakeicer (Shirley) ...

The best thing I have found for a shine on gumpaste is so easy. It is a mixture of alcohol (I use Everclear) and clear corn syrup. For a small amount I use 1 Tablespoon Alcohol to 1 Tablespoon Karo clear corn syrup, mix till combined and paint on with an artists brush. It dries hard and very shiny.