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I am very new to baking, I bought all the ingredients to make a cake for my mom for mothers day, my sister is the baker in the house, but she cannot make this cake anymore. It is a yellow vanilla cake with butter cream icing and marshmallow fondant. I can follow all the recipes, but I don’t know when I need to do all the things. do I need to make the fondant and icing in advance and how much in advance do I need to make the cake?

any tips or advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the help,
the new and scared baker

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Xuân-Minh, Minh Cakes ...

You can do almost everything in advance:

- Day 1: Make Flowers and sugar / gumpaste decorations
- Day 2: Bake the cake & make the fillings and fondant
- Day 3: Fill the cake, mask it with buttercream, let it crust / chill, then cover in fondant
- Day 4: Assemble (if tiered) and stick on decorations, let it chill before transporting

It’s possible to combine Day 3 + 4.

You can make all the elements (cakes, buttercream, fondant etc.) weeks in advance, you can freeze your cakes + buttercream. Just remember to thaw 1 day before using.Fondant can be kept at room temp.

Good luck and have fun!

whijan ...

thank you!!! this helped sooo much!

Xuân-Minh, Minh Cakes ...

You’re welcome! :)