Canada 150 Cake and Sugar Art Collaboration Group Page on FB up and running!!

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I have created this group for anyone who would like to create something for Canada 150 celebrations. Open to all skill levels, and sugar art forms. Entry deadline is 25 June 2017. Please read the collaboration document for full information. And please share with your contacts. The more the merrier. Thank you.

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June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Thanks JoAnne….info noted. Link copied.

Kelly Stevens ...

Hi there. I have my cake made and photographed so now just need an the details on how to submit it since I am not on FB to see all the details for the collaboration.

Kelly Stevens ...

Is the collaboration viewable now? I can’t find it. I’m not on FB but generally collaborations are displayed such that you can see them without being on FB.

DeniseRayArtworks ...

Kelly, there’s been a delay unfortunately. (I understand it’s computer issues or something) The collaboration has not yet been revealed.

Kelly Stevens ...

Thank you for the update Denise. Disappointing….. This is my first collaboration so I was really looking forward to it.

If someone can share the link if it ever gets up that would be greatly appreciated!

Special Occasions - Cakes, Etc ...

Hi, Kelly. I am, slowly but surely, reworking everything and getting everything posted. I did have a laptop meltdown, and I guess it is time to look for a new computer. I am going to have to reload my powerpoint before creating the video, which I will post off my YouTube page as well as the FaceBook page. I am just about finished recreating your submission and it should be on the FB page in about 20-30 mins.

Kelly Stevens ...

Thank you for the update Joanne.

Kelly Stevens ...

Were there really only 13 participants? Surprised there haven’t been anymore than that to appear in the page.