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Hi, like a lot of folks it seems, I’ve just made the jump from baking for fun to making things a bit more formal. I was wondering does anyone keep a list of things you can focus on? Just passed Mother’s day (in the UK) and Valentine’s has just passed. Seems like a long time to Halloween!!!

Thx. Karen. x


Kkaren. Tx.


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littlegourmetbakery ...

Hi Karen, I’m a newbie just having a browse I spotted I might be able to help!
I get a big a4 diary, they have many calender events listed, and I use the pages that show the full year over two pages.
I mark in orders. family occasions, then days such as St Patricks, US Independence, fathers day, teacher gifts time, and foodie events like ‘chocolate week’. It helps me to plan and theme my displays in my shop. Hope this gives you ideas! Janine