Don't understand it can someone help

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Every time i place a cake i get so much lovely comments and faves …. now i see on facebook that it reached homepage but here on decor not ? The cake before this one also it came alsmost 10 hours later on this site ? Who knows what is going on look like i have troubles everytime 😔😔😔

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jen lofthouse ...

Jacqueline , are you sure it did not go on the home page just for a short while .sometimes they can be on and off quite quick :)

Jacqueline ...

This cake i could see half a hour ago for the first time but on decors fb it was allready 6hours ago maybe the concept is changed

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I don’t understand your question? Your cake made Top 3.
Perhaps your cake wasn’t at Top 3 for long because new cakes get moved up quickly, so your cake gets removed.

Jacqueline ...

Yes i see that just now that was after i asked the question …. other wise i wouldnt ask it 😉

Jacqueline ...

I don’t complain but i didn’t u drstand why it was on the fb page that it reached the homepage but not vissible on this site i began to think that i was doing something wrong

jen lofthouse ...

I have had it before mine has made top 3 overnight and only realised when I opened the email :)

Jacqueline ...

Thanks @Jenny