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Can anyone advise the best way to make (white) modelling chocolate? Is it as easy to cover a cake with as fondant?
I’m making a builders hard hat cake and was going to use a real hard hat (new and clean) as a mould and pour melted candy melts in to create a hard shell to go over my cake. But now I’m thinking that I could just carve the cake and cover with modelling chocolate.

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CakesWorth ...

I have never made white modelling chocolate before but if I was you I would do as you said and carve the cake then ganache and fondant cover it.
I would be worried about the shell giving way under the pressure of heat or humidity.
Good luck. x

lucybakes ...

Thankyou for your reply. I can’t use fondant as my customer doesn’t like it. Have you made any type of modelling chocolate before as I’m keen to know how it behaves when you roll it out. Can you lift it as whole piece without it tearing or do uou need your ‘jigsaw’ smaller pieces together and smooth the joins? Can you even use fondant smoothers on it??? :-). The candy melt shell would be sitting snugly over the ganached cake so im not too worried about it losing it’s shape although cracking may be an issue. I would make it pretty thick, similar to the process of making a candy melt shell for the Base of a giant cupcake. What dyou think? Thanks again. X

Sandra Smiley ...

White chocolate is super easy to make and a dream to work with. Here is the link to Shawna McGreevy’s modeling chocolate, which is very detailed and easy to follow:
Modeling chocolate can be rolled out and used to cover a cake and would be perfect for your hard hat. It is easy (but a little time consuming) to get a perfect finish on modeling chocolate just by using your hands and/or a heated spatula. I used modeling chocolate to cover this helmet. It was one of my first cakes, so it certainly is not perfect.

lucybakes ...

Thankyou so much Sandra, I really appreciate your message. I had a go at making the “shell” for the body of the hat and made modelling chocolate for the peak of it. I was quite pleased how it turned out but can definitely say I much prefer fondant!! :-). Have added a pic (I think).
Thanks again. X

Sandra Smiley ...

It looks fabulous, Lucy! I mostly use modeling chocolate for figures….which reminds me that is what I should be doing right now!