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My brother is getting married in two weeks time and I was asked to make this five tier wedding cake (pink flowers instead). Its kind of like a gift. He is providing the cost of the ingredients and materials.

Based on what they could afford, I decided to do four tiers instead – 2 dummies and two real cakes (12", 10", 8" & 6").
The first two tiers will be cake. The bottom tier will be sponge, second tier fruit, third and fourth tier will be dummies.

I was wondering what was placed on the top tier to adhere the gumpaste flowers. I am thinking about using oasis.

If I use oasis would I get the same effect like that of the top tier?

How were the flowers adhered to the cake and oasis were wires inserted in the flowers or the flowers were made without wires?

How was the flowers stuck to the top?

The cascading flowers were they made just like that or with wires…was wondering if it was inserted or adhered with probably royal icing?
I am thinking about using foamcore for the base of the bottom and second tier.

I already have wooden dowel rods was thinking about just using those instead of buying the plastic ones, How many wou"":hld be needed for each tier?

Any other advice will be appreciated. Thanks.


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CakesWorth ...

Good morning.
Firstly I believe the flowers have been put straight on the cake using royal icing. Make sure you make them a couple of days before so that they are dry and will hold their shape and make it easier to handle them.
When it comes to using dowels wooden verse plastic is a personal choice. The only thing to watch is splinters with the wooden ones when you are cutting them down. As to how many, just make sure each area / corner of the cake is supported. 4 or 5 around the edge and then 1 or 2 in the middle. more for large tiers and less as you go up for the smaller tiers. If you google it you can often find pictures that show you where to put them and how many to use for different sizes which can be helpful with knowing where to position them.
There are a few ways you would do the top. Oasis would be one way making sure it is not touching the cake. But if you wanted to keep it edible you could use a sphere of rice krispie treats cover in fondant (same colour as flowers) and then attach the flowers with royal icing. This would save having to wire each flower which will save you a lot of time.
Good luck with the cake, hope it all goes well and they have a wonderful day. x