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Hello All!
My name is Keerthi and I’m new to the baking business world! I have always enjoyed baking and recently had a cousin tell me I should start taking orders. I have had some small orders but, mostly within my friends circle. I’m completely self-taught, but thought taking a few classes will really help me better my skills. Currently, i have been taking a few classes and watching/ learning from youtube videos as well. Any advice or suggestions will really help this newbie out! I would like to know how i could grow my business and learn from your experience!


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il mondo di ielle ...

Hi Keerthi!!

keechesncake ...

Hello!!!! :)

CelebrityCakes ...


You have to try and find your own style, something that you can excel at. As a starting point Craftsy has some amazing lessons from some of the worlds best that will help you identify what you like (and don’t like) doing. Also there are some great tutorials on this site. Look around and get comfy!


amanda ...

Hi. I am new also. I recently made a wedding cake first cake ever.

alizeh ...

Hey Keerthi! Welcome! My number one advice i would give is if your doing the business at home, before it has a chance to grow check the laws of selling food items first. And if you have to get your kitchen checked so its to the standards of the law. I made a HUGE mistake of not doing this before so now i’m stuck in the middle of so many orders of getting the kitchen checked.