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I’ve been asked to make a cake using goat’s butter (for both the cake and buttercream) and since I’ve never used it before I thought I’d test it out. And at the minute, the cake in the oven smells like ripe cheese! I’m not looking forward to the taste test later :(
So I was wondering if anyone else has tried baking with goat’s butter or has any advice that may help. Thanks xx

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Blossom Dream Cakes - Angela Morris ...

I’ve never baked with it, but I have eaten it in place of my usual butter on toast and in sandwiches etc. I actually bought it just to try out of interest as I saw it on the shelf in Tesco and had never had it before. It did have a faint ‘goaty’ smell but not flavour and I actually found it quite pleasant to eat. So I was just thinking that maybe the goaty smell is more pronounced when the butter is heated and perhaps the cake will taste ok. Otherwise you may just have to go for some strong flavouring to mask it!!

Julie Cain ...

Thanks Angela, it does smell a lot better as it’s cooling. I just need to taste test it now…