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I am making a single layer sheet cake for a bachelorette party with a …….. 14?x5? ahem……male appendage on top.
Will I need to add bubble tea straws for support?

My next question is….if I do, when they remove the “male appendage” will it also take the buttercream frosting off the sheet cake? help!



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Kendra ...

I would use a couple of straws just to be safe. I would also use a dowel to keep it from leaning or it might come unattached. You could put a little 5" round of wax paper on the cake before sitting the “appendage” on top but make sure to dab a little buttercream or royal icing on top of the paper before placing the “appendage” which should be on a 5" board. This will keep it from taking the buttercream off when you remove it. Ouch! :)

Ansa ...


This is what Im trying to do……so, do I need support and if so, do I just lay the “appendage” that is on a slightly smaller cake board on top of the sheet layer supported by bubble tea straws?
I just dont want all the frosting from the sheet cake to come off when they remove the top cake.
Does this make sense?

Ansa ...