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Eggless Swiss meringue Butter Cream Recipe


Please help me , I need to make Swiss meringue Butter Cream, but my family doesnt eat eggs. Please does anyone know how to make swiss meringue butter cream without using eggwhites..

Thank you

Love to bake, keep smiling :)


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Jessica ...

I dont think you can, SMBC or any recipe with meringue is involving egg whites. If you like chocolate I would do ganache instead of SMBC, if you dont like chocolate do American buttercream. I’m not sure if that helps but maybe someone else will see this and know a way.

caymancake ...

Are they allergic to eggs? Or just don’t like the thought of eggs? I found a recipe online that uses meringue powder but it is egg based….all meringue recipes are egg based so if there is an allergy issue, I agree with conceptualconfections!