Best turntable for cake decorating?

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Hi all,

Just looking for some thoughts on what everyone thinks is the best turntable for decorating cakes.

I currently have the Wilton Trim ‘n Turn Ultra Cake Turntable. I purchased it from Michael’s with a half price coupon. At the time the price was right as I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest a lot of money in cake decorating supplies. It has worked well for me to this point. I like that you can lock it & I also like the height of it but now that my cakes seem to be getting bigger & thus heavier, I am nervous that the turntable won’t support their weight.

I am ready to invest in one that is more durable so any thoughts/comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time :-)


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Julie Cain ...

I don`t know anything about size or supporting the weight of bigger cakes but I`ve always wanted the Ateco cast iron one. They`re so pretty and would make a great cake stand for photos too x

Mond vol taart ...

I have the ateco, very sturdy!

Mommade Cakes ...

I have the same turntable as you, but I have the turntable extender from sugarworks to go on top. It extends your turntable to 20". It also holds a lot of weight. I got it from a cake show and the inventors said they stood on it without breaking it. I hope that helps.

June Lynch, Picture Perfect Cake, Dundas ...

I have a lazy susan from Ikea. It is 15 inches in diameter and holds the bigger, heavier cakes with no problem. It cost approx. $9.50.

Kelly Stevens ...

Thanks for the link to the turntable extender mommadecakes. I saw that used in a Craftsy class & was wondering where one could be purchased.

Kelly Stevens ...

The lazy susan sounds like a great economical option but unfortunately I don’t have an Ikea in my area & they don’t ship it. Thanks for the info though :-)

Christeen ...

The turntable extender by Innovative Sugarworks is fantastic. It fits most turntables and extends them to 20". I have a Wilton turntable too and it works brilliantly. It can be bought from Elizabeth Marek of Artisan Cake Company did a very good review on it on YouTube.

Kelly Stevens ...

Thanks Christeen. It’s times like this that I wish I lived in the states as to buy these items is so costly here in Canada.

Kwajette ...

I have the Ateco cast iron one, love it. A problem with lazy susans is that if the cake is not absolutely centered all the time it will tilt a little. I don’t use a lazy susan when I am cutting a cake but have & do use them when decorating. For large cakes use a piece of plywood on top of the stand that is wider than your cake. this will prevent your cake from bowing on the sides that would otherwise be hanging over the turn table. I always put a small piece of non-slip shelf liner between turn table & board and between board and cake.

Christeen ...

Hi Kelly, if you are in Sydney Australia I know they are going to be at the Cake, Bake and Sweet Show in June. Otherwise they did have free shipping for orders over $200US. I bought the turntable expander, both sets of modelling tools (love these too) and a starter cake carrier so I could get the free shipping. Love all their products.

Kelly Stevens ...

Hi Christine, I have all those items on my wish list so maybe I’ll just have to bite the bullet & place the order for it all to get free shipping like you did. Thanks again for the info :-)