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Hi Everyone,

So My Lovely Niece just bought me a Cake Cricut for my Birthday!!! I Have Not used it yet but I Alreadly love it LOL. I was wondering if any of you have experience with Cake Cricuts? If so will it be possible for me to use edible paper? I’am making an iPhone cake and wanted to use Edible paper for a perfect finished look. I thought about just buying a Regular Canon printer and just buy edible Ink and paper. But since I got My new Cricut I wanted to put it to use. Thanks



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Jessica ...

Hello! I have only used fondant/gumpaste on the cricut, planning on getting a edible printer for printing logos and such. I dont think you can do it on a cake cricut but maybe I’m wrong or have a different version. I got mine on sale last year and only pulled it out a few times.

Lailaa ...

Thanks for replying, I kinda figured that but I wasn’t sure. I was actually thinking of buying an Edible Images Printer as well, but then I read a forum about a lot of cake decorators buying regular printers like (Canon or Epson) and just buying the edible ink. I did some pricing on edible image printers and they are quite pricey. The Canon one I was thinking of buying is at Walmart for a good price. I was told before purchasing one you have to make sure the edible ink is compatible with the printer.

Jessica ...

Yeah I’m going to get a canon too but wanting to make sure I get it right.

Teresa James ...

I bought a Canon from Walmart. You just need to be sure that you get the right one. I bought the MG5220. It was around $100 for the printer. Then the ink and paper from any company you prefer. Hope that helped.