can anny boddy help me surching for animal in fondant tutorial of the muppets

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in januari i want to make a cak for my best friends son he becomes 10 years and he loe to drum i want to make a cake topper animal behind the drums is there any one who has a tutorial for it i cant find it on the internet ….

best regards Jacqueline

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Bobie MT ...

Hi Jacqueline,
What kind of animal tutorial are you looking for? Here’s a link to a FB Page with lots of animal tutorials:
Good Luck!

Jacqueline ...

@Bobie MT i am surching for animal of the muppets sorry i forgot to write that , i have changed it thank you so much for the help i will look at the facebook page best regards Jacqueline

Clara ...

Jacqueline ...

Thank you so much Clara but i am surching for annimal behind his drums

Clara ...
Perhaps you can find something searching in Fimo tutorials! ;)

Jacqueline ...

thank you :) I just got a tutorial from @Petra1970 :)