Almond Bark Chocolate Molding Clay?

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Almond Bark Chocolate Molding Clay?

Kind of new to molding clay, only used it once but was wondering if anyone has used almond bark in place of candy melts?

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Jessica, Kodiak Alaska


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SarahBeth3 ...

Hi! I have never made modeling chocolate using almond bark but I thought since no one has replied yet I was respond with what little I know and give you a bump. I know someone and have heard from a few others that they use it and it works great. They just substitute the candy melts with the almond bark. No other recipe changes required. I have been told that the almond bark and syrup don’t seem to mix very well at first, but once it sits for several hours it’s fine.

Jessica ...

Ty SarahBeth! I will give it a shot. I just wanted to see if anyone has tried it before I waste time and product. I will re post how it came out when I do it!