Walking dead Help!!How to paint on a chocolate mold??

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I have this walking dead zombie mold. I’m going to use almond bark so it comes out as a chocolate mold. How do you paint on chocolate? I’ve never done this before! I need all the advice I can get!

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Rita's Cakes


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mjh ...

hiya if you check out Cakefu. Michelle Boyd is on the master training this week and she talks a bit about painting on chocolate hope this helps :)

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa ...

Rita, I never painted on chocolate, but you need a colour with oil base.
Do you know Tartas Imposibles? Ask her. Her cake sculptures are chocolate ones, so she might help you.

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design ...

Hi I painted on chocolate with my recent sugar skull cake. I used pure melted coco butter and mixed in powers. Just use a little coco butter and keep adding powder until it is like paint. You need to keep it warm to stop the coco butter going hard again so I put my palette on a hot water bottle. When you have finished they all set but you can melt them again on your hot water bottle. I do most of my painting like this now as you can see on the cake I have just up loaded the dogs and paw prints are all painted with coco butter. Good luck x

Christeen ...

Use Dinky Doodle Airbrush Colours. They are designed to use on chocolate as well as fondant.

Rita's Cakes ...

Thank y’all so much :)