White Choc Raspberry Mud cake

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I have a cake coming up that is a White choc raspberry mud cake.
Just wanting to know if anyone has any tried tested recipes that are great for decorating please :)

I have tried a couple and they turn out well, but The taste of the raspberries is very subtle.
so thought I would see if any of you guys had any recipes you’s were willing to share please :)


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June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

If I use raspberries inside a cake, I’ve made a raspberry filling, not fresh, as they lack flavour. I’ve only done it once. A combo of fresh and frozen raspberries cooked down with added sugar, lemon juice and a splash of some type of liqueur of your choice. I put this between the layers.

Gabriella ...

I ended up basically making a raspberry pie filling, ingredients as above but sieved the whole thing and added corn flour to thicken it so it was a good spreading consistency. It was also for a chocolate mud cake which I was able to taste (it being a birthday cake for my sister!) and it worked well, the tangy raspberry came through enough but didn’t over shadow the chocolate… :D