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Hi all. Please can someone advise me. I have been asked to do a barrel cake which will consist of 3 × 1.5″ lemon sponges for the bottom and 3 × 1.5″ vanilla sponges for the top. They will all be 8" round. I need to know the best way to dowel it ie should I dowel the bottom layer (the vanilla will be on a board) and should I then put one large dowel through them all. I am worried as they will be transporting the cake about 50 miles. Thanks so much. Sharon xx



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Jenniffer White ...

Yep. just treat it like it was a normal 2-tiered cake. vanilla tier will be on a board that rests on supports you put in the lemon cake. And I always use a master dowel on any cake more than 1 tier.