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I am making 60 cupcakes and an 8" cake for a weddin and they have just asked me if I can make a bride and groom topper to look like them for the cake, I just wondered if anyone had any idea how much you would charge for something like this as I really have no idea.

Thank you for your help

Kayleigh xxxx

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sasha ...

I’m doing one too in April and was wondering the same thing!!! Have you come across any good tutorials??


Rachel Skvaril ...

It depends on what the topper looks like but for an estimate I usually search Etsy for something similarly sized and see what the going rate is on there. Gives me a good guideline on which to base my pricing.

Kayleigh ...

Ok thank you very much, I was quite surprised how expensive they are, some of the cheapest are £80. My friend text me and said she’s getting a clay one made
But the last said she could make edible ones for £40 each.
Sasha I didn’t think to have a look at tutorials, let me know if you find a good one, I’ve got until may so will start early so I can change it if it’s not right. Xxxx

sasha ...

will do!! I was going to do the Lindy Smith class…a 2 day affair…but hugely expensive, although bet it would be GREAT!!!

Kayleigh ...

Ooo yes would be fab. Have you had a look to see if there’s anything local to you? I haven’t seen a bride and groom course specifically but I know there’s a few people who run their own classes around here xxxx