Double barrel cake

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Double barrel cake

Would three 6" tiers stacked together be called a double barrel cake, and I’d like to know if I can just stack all three layers together filled with buttercream, or do I need to have any supports ? Thanks for helping me :)

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Ciccio Cakes ...

2 × 6″ high tiers same diameter stuck together is a double barreled & yes you need to dowel for strength or will start to collapse at the bottom treat like a normally stacked cake I use a slightly smaller cake card between the layers then you don’t get a line when ganaching & fondanting

jan14grands ...

ok, thanks so much Jo

Jcandy ...

I don’t think so. If you see online, almost every image of a double barrel cake is of two tier; one small and the other one is big which is at the base. Also, if you deck up all the three tiers together, it won’t appear attractive. Filling is not a problem, you can use butter cream. As far as supports are concerned, if you take the cake barrels in three different sizes, there is no need for any support as such. Give it a try! :)

June ...

I would most definitely use supports jan14grands. Especially if transporting. Safest thing to do.

jan14grands ...

I agree – thanks June :)

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Three 6" tiers stacked would be a triple barrel cake and I would do them with the same supports as a normal 3 tier cake, but, like jo said, use thin card in between cakes for a smooth finish!
I wouldnt like to cover a cake this tall with fondant! :-)

jan14grands ...

Ok, well this cake is for a silent auction for a cancer Tea. Wouldn’t it be difficult for the person taking the cake home to cut if there’s cardboard seperaters between each layer?

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

They will just start by eating the top cake, then take the card off and carry on :-)