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Hello I have only recently discovered this sight not sure how anyway I just joined today and shall enjoy being among fellow cake people. Please can someone explain how it works. Are the top cakes the ones with most views or comments or hearts/favs. How long does a cake stay at the top or is it until another one beats it? What is the best time/peak time to upload a cake and can you only vote if you are a member. Many thanks x

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design


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CakeHeaven by Marlene ...

Hi Elizabeth, welcome to Cakes Decor!!! This is a very friendly community and you will soon feel quite at home here. With regards to the workings of the site I am sure that Michal will soon explain it to you and he will surely do a better job at it than me!! However, in short you just post your cakes, any time you wish, and other members of Cakes Decor will comment on and/or fave your cakes. You can also post blogs or start a forum topic. To follow any particular member click on the ‘follow’ at the top right hand side of the screen and you will be notified of any new activity, be it a new cake, blog or forum topic, by that particular member. You can also send e-mails to any of the other members by clicking on the ‘message’ button which is also found at the top right hand side of the screen. Michal, can you kindly highlight all features of Cakes Decor in more detail please?

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to cakes decor! Youre going to love it here. You dont vote for a cake, its the combined views, comments and faves that put them at the top. If a cake makes top 15 then it will remain there for 24 hours unless lots of other cakes overtake it. There isnt really a best time to upload a cake, if you have people following you, they will get notified of your posts the next time theyre on. And vice versa. Hope this helps xx