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Hi everyone, I need some help I’m looking for the best thing to use for moulding gumpaste around for poseable figures, I want something fairly thick fir the fondant to stick to, I’ve seen on cake boss on tv they use a brown wired material does anybody know what thus is and where I could get it or something very similar, thanks Mark

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Xclusive ...

Mark, check out the wire framed figurine tutorial posted by Nicholas Ang on cakes decor. Hope you find it useful.

Mark ...

Thanks very much ill take a look :)

Jenniffer White ...

I have used copper tubing (that you get at the home improvement store) with much success.

Mark ...

Really what sort of thickness did you use, the one they use on cake boss looks like some sort if poseable twine !

Jenniffer White ...

Oh man, I don’t remember the thickness, I think it was copper tubing for a water line. It came in a coil and while it was sturdy I could bend it how I needed it. You can see a picture of it in my Warcraft stein picture. Just look at the alternate photo.


Mark ...

Thank you again, that cake by the way is stunning :)

Nicholas Ang ...

This is what I used in my tutorial. Hope it helps :)