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Flowers made with modeling chocolate

Hi. I tried to use a ball tool for the first time on sum petals that I had...

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Good cut out cookie recipe

I want to add decorated cookies to my menu, I’ve tried several different...

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How can I add a deep royal blue color to a gum paste or fondant flower?

I’m making some blossom flowers and would like them to be blue.. what kind...

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Katrina FNQ Cake Share

Hi Fellow Caker’s Wow how cool is this page !! OMG so excited Ok so I am a...

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Baby Shower Cake Idea!

Hi cakers, I just uploaded a short clip of my Baby shower cake on...

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Baker's Bakes


Big Hello

Hello there cakey folk, Thought I would introduce myself, my name is...

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Dulce Delirio


Hi everyone!

We are Dulce Delirio’s pastry shop. Our name in english means sweet...

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My first wedding cake

Hello at all, I want to show you my first wedding cake and I was so...

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Martina Kelly


The best fondant/sugarpaste???

Hi guys I am living in Ireland, and was just wondering on peoples opinion...

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Vivek Patel


Cookie Dough Stuffed Cupcakes

For the Cupcakes (adapted from my Gluten Free Cupcakes) Ingredient: 1...

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Hi everyone!

My name is Lisa, I make and sell sugar cake decorations online and...

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Draping sari

I would really appreciate any advice on how it would be best to assemble a...

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Metre high cake.

Hi there has anyone had to make a wedding cake 1 metre high. I have just had...

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Help please! How would I do this geometric pattern?

Hi everyone! I’ve been ‘stalking’ this website for a while now but...

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Where to buy Flower cutters & veiners online

Hello Everyone I want to know the best where i can order flower cutters...

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Anyone make French Macaroons????

Hi all, Does anyone make French macaroons? If so how far in advance can...

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Construction of a monster truck

I want to make my son a 3D monster truck cake. I’ve never constructed a cake...

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White frosting recipes! I need advice!

Hello everyone! I’m looking for white frosting recipes! I was asked to make...

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Black colored Gumpaste

Anyone have a problem with black colored gum paste and fondant fading? It...

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Vivek Patel


Peanut butter muffins

Hi everyone I try Peanut butter muffins first time and it was really...